Free SSi Gold Probes for One Week Only

When you buy two Gold Probes between 24th-28th April 2017, we will send a third Gold Probe FOR FREE.

This one off clearance sale is in preparation for our upcoming relocation to our new, larger premises.

To receive your free Gold Probe, just send us a purchase order referencing the offer code #GoldProbeGiveaway.

If you are a first-time customer we offer a free trial where we deliver a probe on a 3 month buy or return basis so you can see for yourself why the SSi Gold Probe is the heat-treatment industries most responsive, accurate, reliable, and best-serviced oxygen probe for carburising furnace applications. First time customers will also receive a free engineering visit to deliver 3-gas analysis of endothermic gas generators and furnaces, PID tuning on carbon potential control loops, burn-off optimisation, and process training. Please contact for more information.

For specifications, drawings, and part numbers, click here: