Calibration Services

  • Calibration Services

  • In-house workshop calibration and repair of furnace sensors and instrumentation

  • On-site instrument calibration and system accuracy tests (SAT)

  • Temperature uniformity surveys (TUS)

  • Gas analyser verification and calibration

  • Vacuum gauge calibration

  • Periodic and annual site calibration contracts

Super Systems Europe field engineers and workshop technicians are trained to deliver a wide range of UKAS traceable heat treatment calibration services in compliance with CQI-9 and AMS 2750 E.

Calibration, when built into a control plan that includes preventive, predictive, and planned maintenance, can play a valuable role in reducing unplanned downtime. Calibration improves process accuracy and identifies potential problems before they cause equipment or processing failures. It guarantees compliance to tough industry standards and provides documented quality assurance both internally and to all tiers of the manufacturing chain.

We have invested heavily in software, field and reference calibration equipment, and continuously developed quality controlled documentation and procedures in order to produce quick, reliable, and high value calibration and reporting services.

Our engineers are not simply calibration technicians. If a problem is diagnosed during calibration, we fix it.

Contact Brett Hill, Calibration Manager, with technical questions or to discuss our calibration contracts and services!



  • Experience with challenging applications such as sealed quench furnaces, pit furnaces, pusher furnaces, and 20m+ continuous furnaces.

  • TUS+: AMS 2750E/CQI-9 compliant TUS reports with atmosphere and burner data

  • Highly trained calibration engineers perform surveys with minimal downtime.