Temperature Uniformity Surveys (TUS) with Super Systems Europe

Put simply, a Temperature Uniformity Survey (TUS) ensures that components see the same temperature regardless of where they are in the furnace.

AMS 2750e requires heat treaters to classify their furnaces between +/- 3°C (class 1) and +/-  28°C (class 6), whereas CQI-9 (table A) requires heat treaters to meet a (quite generous) uniformity of +/- 15°C. Note that ‘uniformity’ is generally understood to mean the total deviation around the set point, versus ‘spread’ which has no relation to the set point. It is common to survey a furnace with a good spread (e.g. 10°C), but with a poor uniformity, due often to a poorly positioned control thermocouple.

A TUS can take a furnace out of service for a considerable amount of time, so it is worth maximising that downtime by performing other tests during the TUS. Our engineers will often tune burners and analyse the furnace atmosphere with a PGA3510 (if it is safe to gas up the furnace) during the TUS.

There are two ways to go about TUS with Super Systems Europe:

1) Order an SSi SDS datalogger with SDS reporter and training by an qualified SSi Calibration Engineer. Read more about the SDS datalogger here: www.supersystemseurope.com/product/dataloggers/portable-touch-screen-data-logger.

2) Have an SSi calibration engineer visit your site to perform the TUS for you.  Read more about our calibration services here: www.supersystemseurope.com/services/calibration-services/

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