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Successful 8 Zone Gas Analyser Installation in Sweden

I spent last week in Sweden commissioning a multi-zone gas analyser (MZA) for Epiroc (formerly Atlas Copco) in Sweden. The system was designed specially for Epiroc using SSi’s standard 3-Gas NDIR sensor. 8 furnaces will be continuously sampled, giving Epiroc’s process and maintenance teams full visibility of their furnace’s CO, CO2, and CH4 values. CO […]

Effect of Agitation Fan on Oxygen Probe

Most carburising furnace users know the importance of burning off (or purging) the oxygen probe. This ensures that soot doesn’t build up between the ceramic and steel tubes which can have a drastic affect on the lifetime of the sensor. However, it is not well understood that there are good burn offs and bad burn […]

Temperature Uniformity Surveys (TUS) with Super Systems Europe

Put simply, a Temperature Uniformity Survey (TUS) ensures that components see the same temperature regardless of where they are in the furnace. AMS 2750e requires heat treaters to classify their furnaces between +/- 3°C (class 1) and +/-  28°C (class 6), whereas CQI-9 (table A) requires heat treaters to meet a (quite generous) uniformity of +/- […]

Expanding our engineering team

We are pleased to announce the further expansion of Super Systems Europe. Martyn Capp and Trevor Cotterril (pictured) have joined our growing engineering team. Martyn will be joining the workshop team, performing oxygen probe and gas analyser repair and certification. Trevor is an apprentice and will be learning the heat treatment ropes from our experienced […]

Rob Wilcox Joins The Team

We’re very pleased to welcome Rob Wilcox to the Super Systems Europe Sales and Engineering team! Rob brings with him 33 years of heat treatment industry experience. As well as focusing on building our relationships with our UK customers, Rob is also available as a general consultant to help commercial and captive heat treaters improve […]

Improving Process Quality and Reducing Downtime with SSi Gas Analysers

As an industry, heat treatment is probably fairly conservative when it comes to technological progress, but I’m pleased to work for a manufacturer that is constantly expanding, innovating, and developing its product range. In 2001, SSi produced the first PGA3000 to verify and troubleshoot the a gas carburising furnace’s carbon potential. Today, SSi produces (what […]


We are very pleased to announce that we have moved to a larger premises on the Tyburn Trading Estate in Birmingham. We have some exciting plans for the new premises which we will reveal in upcoming blog posts. We are moving stock on the 15th September so please accept our apologies for any compromise in […]

Upgrading A Vacuum Furnace Control System

There is often a tough decision when a vacuum furnace reaches a certain age. Do you scrap it and replace it with a state-of-the-art new furnace? Or do you commit time and resources to upgrade the existing furnace’s control system? Sometimes the driver for this decision may dictate that a furnace is replaced, but there […]

Portable Three Gas Analyser: Top 3 Uses

The PGA 3510 portable three/four gas furnace analyser for the carburising/nitriding process is one of SSi’s most popular products. This is largely because it displays and records data that is critical for verifying process quality and maintaining equipment. Below are top three ways SSi Europe engineers use the PGA: 1. Verifying carbon potential (carburising) and dissociation […]

Preventive and Predictive Oxygen Probe Maintenance

This morning, we visited a commercial heat treatment supplier to follow up on a staff training session we performed around 1 year ago. The Maintenance Manager asked us if we had noticed that their probe consumption had dropped since the training. He is responsible for 6 Ipsen sealed quench furnaces with SSi Redundant Probe Systems […]

Heat Treat Forum in Poland, April 2017

SSi will be attending the 4th Central Eastern European Heat Treatment Forum & Exhibition on April 26-27, 2017 in Wroclaw, Poland alongside our distributor Avion. This annual international conference and exhibition of the heat treatment industry in Poland and Central Eastern Europe was held for the first time in 2014. As a founding exhibitor, we’ve […]